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The repeated surveys of the Epidemiological Survey of Substance Abuse are not designed as a rigid instrument of repetitive querying of the same questions. In addition to a core module that remains the same across all waves, the questionnaire contains portions that are altered to meet relevant monitoring needs including current research questions and points of interest.

The focus is on consumption behavior as well as disorders associated with the use of illicit substances, alcohol, tobacco, and medication. In addition to this, sociodemographic data and information on physical and mental health are also recorded. In the past, the Epidemiological Survey of Substance Abuse questionnaire has been revised several times. For example:

  • The list of illegal substances surveyed was adapted to the respective legal situation and the significance of different drugs.
  • Formal language has been replaced with more commonly used words.
  • Internationally common instruments, such as the frequency-quantity index for recording alcohol consumption, replaced those that were previously used.
  • Questions that were answered inconsistently or not at all were modified.
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