The repeated surveys of the Epidemiological Survey are not designed to be a fixed instrument, simply repeating the same questions. The questionnaire contains, in addition to a core module which stays the same, elements which change in order
to meet the objectives of continuous monitoring and to enable flexible adjustment depending on needs. Reference is made to current research questions through the
use of changing key topics.

The focus is on use behaviour and disorders in connection with the use of illegal substances, alcohol, tobacco and medicines. In addition, sociodemographic data
and information on the state of physical and mental health is collected. Over time,
the questionnaire of the Epidemiological Survey of Substance Abuse has been
revised several times, e. g.:

  • the list of illegal substances included in the survey has been updated to reflect the respective legal situation and the significance of various drugs.
  • Terms which are difficult for a layperson to understand have been replaced by more common terms.
  • Internationally customary instruments, such as the frequency-quantity-index for the measurement of alcohol consumption have replaced previously used instruments.
  • Questions which are inconsistent or were not answered at all, have been modified.
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